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Info Days  E-mail

As the euFAQT piloting has been completed and the project is coming to an end, Info days are being organized in all consortium countries, as well Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Turkey. The Info days will focus on the dissemination of the project results and discuss the experience acquired through the project focusing on the implications for adolescent smoking in each country. The dates of the Info days in each country can be found below:

- Hungary: 5/10/2012

- Czech Republic: 18/10/2012

- Poland: 26/10/2012

- Greece: 29/10/2012

- Bulgaria: 29/10/2012

- Cyprus: 30/10/2012

- Romania: 31/10/2012

- Turkey: 31/10/2012



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The euFAQT project has received funding from the European Union / DG Health and Consumer Protection. The European Commission and the Executive Agency are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained on this website.


The project was kindly supported by KEELPNO.