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ACCESS aims at developing guidelines on how to motivate adolescents to use existing cessation aids. Guiding ideas underlying the ACCESS agenda are:

  • Adolescents can be motivated in every youth setting (i.e. family, schools, communities, sports clubs, through the internet)
  • Motivation has to be youth oriented
  • Motivating strategies might be different for different settings, gender, cultural background etc but very similar for interventions targeting other health or problem behaviors.

The project started in September 2009 and has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme.

The consortium comprises 11 partners from across the EU and is coordinated by the "IFT - Institut für Therapieforschung" (Munich), Dr. Anneke Bühler.

For more information please visit the following website: http://www.access-europe.com/


Smokefree Class Competition

Smokefree Class Competition

Smoke-free Class Competition (SFC) is a universal smoking prevention programme for pupils aged 11-14 years. The main aims of SFC are:

  • to delay or prevent the onset of smoking
  • to motivate adolescents already experimenting with smoking to stop
  • to engage adolescents in creative activities related to the subject “non-smoking”
  • to help to de-normalise youth smoking in Europe.

SFC is conceptualised for implementation in schools. Participating classes decide to be smoke-free for the duration of up to six months. They report on their (non)smoking regularly. At the end of the competition period, successful classes can win attractive prizes in a lottery.

The concept and materials can be easily integrated in many different subjects in schools. The implementation of SFC is not time-consuming, yet it can offer a perfect platform to deal with smoking related issues on more in depth basis if schools like to do so. Up to now, four evaluation studies on the effects of SFC on smoking have been published. Results indicate that the competition might have a short-term effect and be able to delay the onset of smoking. Furthermore, SFC could be shown to be cost-effective.


For more information please visit the following website: http://www.smokefreeclass.info/




HELP is a pan-European awareness raising campaign addressing three themes:

  • Prevention
  • Cessation
  • Second hand smoke

Its target audience is young people between 15 and 34


Main tools used are:

  • Mass media: TV and Internet
  • Editorial coverage
  • Direct approach: face-to-face contact with the target audience

HELP’s management and coordination is done by the communication agency Ligaris, in full cooperation with DG Sanco. Local activities also take place by a network of PR agencies in the 27 Member States


Among partners are the ENSP as well as different youth organisations and NGO’s.

For more information please visit the following website: http://www.help-eu.com/



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The euFAQT project has received funding from the European Union / DG Health and Consumer Protection. The European Commission and the Executive Agency are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained on this website.


The project was kindly supported by KEELPNO.