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Piloting period:

February – May 2012



  • Oinofita High school (Public school in rural area)
  • Palaio Faliro High School (Public school in Urban area)
  • Athens College – Psychiko College (private High School in Urban area)


Description of intervention:

  • 36 adolescents from 3 schools participated in the intervention
  • 30 parents from 3 schools participated in the intervention

For both groups 5 sessions (comprising two 45 minute periods) took place

At the end of each meeting arrangements for the next sessions were made. Although initially planned to be held every two weeks this was not possible especially with parents. Longer periods -up to 3 weeks- existed.


Main Obstacles:

  • Recruitment of parents was rather difficult and needed continuous and repeated efforts.
  • The need of parents to discuss issues other that those in the session guides was rather frequent which required a very competent facilitator so as to balance the discussion
  • Scheduling of sessions was difficult due to limited availability especially of parents
  • Incidents of adolescents with particular characteristics disrupting the group dynamics


Suggestions for improvement:

  • Fewer activities – suggestions for removal of certain activities so as to allow for more discussion
  • Recruitment of parents – reaching parents through different settings – health care facilities for example and using health care personnel to inform about the inetrvention. Reach parents also through other facilities such as parent associations, community prograsm etc
  • Involve school authorities so as to ensure commitment to participate in all organised sessions of the intervention
  • Shorter interval between sessions – make sure major holidays or an exam period do not intervene
  • For Greece specifically work with teachers to establish a complete ban of smoking in school facilities


Lessons learned:

  • Interventions highly needed and many recommendations for their continuation were received mainly from parnets and especially in rural areas and public schools
  • Role playing activities were enthusiastically received and were succesful especially in the school Info days






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The euFAQT project has received funding from the European Union / DG Health and Consumer Protection. The European Commission and the Executive Agency are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained on this website.


The project was kindly supported by KEELPNO.